Are you finding a LAN Exam Software? Here is the Selecting and Purchasing Guide!

Are you finding a LAN Exam Software?

Organizing online exams is an easier and more convenient way for many companies and education industries. The administrator will choose to purchase a suitable LAN exam software, Which can use to conduct online exams to improve the work efficiency of the training tasks, reduce costs, and facilitate the statistical examination results via LAN.

How can we choose one that suits us? Today I will list a LAN Exam Software Selecting and Purchasing Guide!

First: Exam type

Different types of exams are different in different industries. For example, enterprises use LAN exam systems for training examseducational institutions use for daily exercises or exams for students; some institutions use for knowledge contests and theoretical contests. Therefore, our requirements are different as well. We’d better buy a LAN examinations software with strong applicability.


Second: Number of candidates taking exams simultaneously

The number of candidates taking exams simultaneously is the number of candidates taking exam in the same period of time during the online exam. The response speed of the test system during the exam is what we think highly of. The LAN exam software needs the support of the server, so we need to consider that if the online exam system can support everyone who needs the exam to answer questions online at the same time.When we select a LAN exam software, we need to ask whether the software company can meet the needs of our candidates quantity.


Third: Functional requirements

In fact, many LAN exam software are very mature, but the price is affected by the function restrictions. When we select an exam system, we must first list the functions we need.For example, we need to consider what types of questions and other test bank management functions we need for organizing exams; or what we need to set up for exams and prevent cheating;  and what we need for students management, etc.


Of course, if you want to know which LAN exam software is most suitable for you, you still have to try it yourself.

LAN Exam Maker has free version for users to try first after purchasing, you can Download and try now!