What are the Features of LAN Exam System?

    In addition to online exam system, there is another one version of LAN exam system for you, LAN Exam Maker. which can be use on LAN.


    The LAN Exam Maker is a one-time purchase, divided into Standard Version and Professional Version, and different version has different permissions.

    If you don't own a R&D Team, LAN Exam Maker would be a better choice since it can be operated easily and also provide the same functions as the Online Exam Maker.


    Let me introduce you the features of LAN Exam Maker:


    ◆Firstly, you can customize your own brand.

    Totally customized with your own Logo, add-on domain and personalized exam background, LAN Exam Maker can be built as an exclusive exam system containing a good knowledge of all the exam data.


    ◆Secondly, a mass examination is supported.

    The system supports the exam with high testing concurrency. Users can set up tests with random questions and utilize the anti-cheating function.


    ◆Thirdly, comprehensive statistical analysis is provided.

    You can group candidates in different factors, like score ranking, average rate and taken times. A clearly comparative analysis about candidates’ scores in according departments can be easily made.


    ◆Fourthly, LAN Exam Maker is stable, safe and efficient.

    The system is built with combined technologies of APACHE, MYSQL and GO, which is simple to extend with high security and B/S mode, and can be used not only on the Online network, but also on the LAN.


     Both Standard Version and Professional Version are prepared for you. For more information about these two systems, please come to our official website and Downloadfor a try.