Looking for a private and professional LAN exam system for the security while working at home?

Working at home has become the norm for many people as the coronavirus has shuttered offices across the nation.

Remote work brings with it new challenges, not the least of which is needing to create a private and professional exam system for govrenment or large enterprises since exam is actually a helpful way to select the better candidates.

LAN Exam Maker is very suitable for government or large enterprises that require high data confidentiality to create private and professional exams. 


Designed in a B/S (short for Browser/Server) Architecture, LAN Exam Maker is simple to operate. You only need to install it then you can provide test services to the outside world. Participants only need a mobile phone or computer to complete the exam. It can run completely in the internal network system, Internet is not required.

About the Operating Mechanism:


About Internal Network Setup:

Quickly and simply setting up an internal network environment is actually very simple. Only one router is needed to support a test of 10 people. The better the router, the more people can participate in the exam.


About IP Address and Firewall:

LAN Exam Maker can automatically identify all the IP addresses on the current server and display them on the service management interface. There is a column called "Available IP". In general, all IP addresses are listed here. If you also want to provide external services, please select the IP corresponding to its router.

LAN Exam Maker will automatically open a firewall channel, you do not need to pay attention to how to set fire prevention.

A private and professional LAN exam system is for you, download free now!