What are the necessary functions of the Enterprise training and exam system?

Have you ever been bothered by how to train employees efficiently? Have you ever distressed by the arrangement of the candidates and site? Or have you ever worried about the quality of online training?

Why not use Enterprise training and exam system to build customized online training platform?

So, what are the necessary functions of the Enterprise training and exam system?

Data Security

Some companies, especially larger companies, have very high requirements for data security. Then you can use the enterprise training and examination system with the LAN version to build an online training platform, and the data is stored in the enterprise's intranet, which is more secure!



Staff Management

In order to carry out the examination pertinently, online exam maker sets up the examinee management module. Before exam, administrators can divide staffs into different departments.  The system provides different training contents for different departments, which effectively standardize the department training process.



Exam Management

Administrators can import training examination questions into the question bank and manage them according to department classification.


Training Records

Every chapter of courses has exams when candidates finish one chapter. Administrators can check and export in batch the situation of learning and exam to ensure the learning progress.


Data Analysis

The system can smartly analyze the results of every training, show the exam details and summarize the total situation. At the same time, administrators can understand the weak knowledge points of employees through the wrong question ranking, so as to adjust and plan the follow-up training. Through scientific analysis, the conversion rate of knowledge will be improved.



The significance of a good training and exam system help enterprises train a strong team at anytime and anywhere to save the high cost of enterprise training and solve the difficulty of training organization.

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