Can I organize exam online? What kind of exam software can I use?

Has online exam planning made you and your colleagues stressful, confused and helpless? Let us help! 

With the help of our exam system, LAN Exam Maker, you can freely organize online exams with high system stability and better reliability.

1.The exam system with high data security and operational stability, can be used via LAN and Internet. If you are in the different rooms but in the same building for some cases like the self-isolation during COVID-19, and if your Internet connection doesn’t work, conducting exams in LAN network would be a better choice because LAN network is more private. Besides, it supports more than 1,000 students taking exams simultaneously. 

2.Easy to install, automatic data backup

LAN Exam Maker, will be deployed automatically during installation process. 


Check out this step-by-step instructions to help you and your colleagues prepare for comprehensive online exams.

User-friendly and easy to build your online exam with four steps:

Step 1: Exam Information

Before creating exams, first fill in the according exam title, exam content descriptions and the words and sentences for sharing (yes, you can share the exams to others to attend), and choose a beautiful cover for your exam.

Step 2: Exam Questions Adding

There are flexible ways to create your exams: the questions of the exams can be in a fixed or random orders. When selecting questions to your exams, the questions can be directly or proportionally selected and formed. Various question types are supportive and the batch import is helping to import thousands of questions for one time quickly.

Step 3: Exam Detailed Settings

After selecting the questions to form a complete exam, the next step is to make some settings. There are hundreds of settings, such as time, permission, anti-cheating, answer rule and so on, suitable for various exams.

Step 4: Exam Release

When you succeed creating your exams, you can send the link or QR code to those who require to attend the exams. If you want it be more official, you can send an email to notify them. By the way, the email can also be automatically formed by system. The examinee can attend exams either on PC or mobile phone. It is very convenient.


You can absolutely organize exam online – we’re here to support you!

Haven’t create your online exams yet? Learn how to do it in LAN Exam Maker. The system is free to download now!