Can LAN examination software help us reduce the cost of organizing exams?

How much does it cost to organize an exam? For any business, educational institution and school, organizing an exam requires certain costs, such as paper printing expenses, labor and time costs. How can we organize an exam more simply? Nowadays, teachers from many school will use LAN examination software

Can LAN examination software help us reduce the cost of organizing exams? How does it reduce the cost of organizing exams? Here are the answers for this question from the following aspects of our LAN Exam Maker.

  • Reduce the cost of time

Organizing an exam often costs teachers a lot of time of typesetting test papers. If use LAN Exam Maker, you just need to import all the questions to the question bank in the system, and then create an online exam by selected the question from the bank! The system provide one-stop solution for online exam, and  it only cost teachers maybe 10 minutes to finish an online exam!


  • Reduce the cost of the paper printing

We don’t need to  print test papers for students if we organize online exam. Candidates can take exams and answer questions on the mobile phone or computer. Therefore, the cost of printer, paper and ink can be saved if we use LAN Exam Maker!


  • Reduce the cost of  labor

Organizing an exam often costs teachers a lot of labor and energy. The whole process of organizing the exams includes preparation of test questions, typesetting of test papers and printing, preparation of test rooms, and arrangement of invigilator teachers, require much laborwhich can be reduce by using online exam system !What’s more, teachers do not need to mark and grade exam paper manually due to the automatic marking function. And they can view the taken records,candidates’ information, data of candidates who have taken or missed the exam on the front-end.


Last but not least, LAN Exam Maker also has strong anti-cheating functions, such as Video Surveillance, Limit the times of switching screen, and Full Screen Mode. We do not need to arrange exam classrooms, and of course we do not need to arrange invigilator teachers.


If you are still using the traditional way of organizing exams, and you feel that it cost too much, why not try the LAN examination software?

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