Top 2 kinds of software to build up online exam

Online exams at your fingertips.
Top 2 kinds of software enable trainers, educators and recruiters to create, schedule, deliver and report on tests, quizzes, exams and surveys. 
No complicated technical skills are required: a standard browser is all you need to start using online exam software.
Multiple needs. One solution.
Online exam software is the ideal solution for web-based exams, distance learning, course evaluations, online quizzes, placement tests, knowledge and academic assessments, printed exams, employee orientation, marketing and satisfaction questionnaires, customer feedback, recruitment testing, interactive quizzes, and so on.


1. Questions Bank
Batch import question
Support various question types
Powerful question management

2. Knowledge Payment
Paid Exams + Paid Courses = Value Realization

3. Personalized Settings
Exclusive Online Exam System
1.Personalized logging page with your independent domain, logo and company name.
2.Personalized homepage for showing your courses, exams, advertising information and pictures, contact information, promotions or announcements.
3.API Function & API of Data: Use SSO service to achieve Information Synchronization. Postback the exam list, grade, answer sheet, courses and etc.

4. Questionnaire System
①Various question types
Basic types: multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, essay question.
Expanded types: question with pictures, video, audio and formula.
②Questions Batch Import
Batch import questions with Excel or txt. files quickly;
Support to import picture with Word file;
Videos and audios can be batch imported with specific tool we provide.
Questions settings up for scores, labels, or difficulty levels for further handful management.

5. Students Management
Registration system: convenient for students registration.
Sub-administrator: helping to manage students, exam marking.


6. Intelligent Anti-cheating
Five effective measures to make cheating impossible!
1 Powerful Face Recognition
2 Video Surveillance
3 Limit the times of switching screen
4 Question Settings: select questions randomly; each question appears in a different order; options in random order.
5 Forcibly Occupy the Whole Screen
6 Time Limit and Account Permission

7. One-stop Services for Exams
Only 4 steps to directly and easily to build online exams;
Management of Front-end and back-end with human-based operation;
Intelligent Marking;
Statistic Analysis;
Stable and safe, high cost-efficiency.

*Differences between this 2 software
The differences between LAN Exam System and Online Exam Maker:
Advantages of Online Version
Save the cost of hardware;
Prompt function experience;
Information Security;
Monthly or annually purchase for membership.

Advantages of LAN Version
No need for R&D Team, just download and install;
Can be accessed via LAN and Internet;
Standalone server, high stability;
Lump-sum payment, lifelong upgrade for free.

*Which version is better for you? Here are some factors you need to consider.
1. Price
For Online Exam Maker, it is sign up FREE now for experiencing some basic functions. And 3 levels of membership is waiting to unlock different functions.
For LAN Exam Maker, it is download FREE. Standard version and professional version with different functions worth to try.
2. What inductry do you belong to?

Schools? Educational institutions? Private enterprises? State-owned enterprises?
3. How many people will need to attend your exams?


Now, you have an overview of the top 2 kinds of online exam software. Don’t hesitate to have a try on it. Let’s sign up for new account and improve your work efficiency. If you have any questions, please contact us.