Is there useful LAN Based Exam System?

As the use of exam system becomes more prevalent in education and training, local area networks (LANs) are being introduced on an increasing scale to handle distance education and work among them. In particular, it is very safe and stable to form a exam system using the LAN. So, is there any useful LAN Based Exam System you can utilize in creating exams, quizzes, questionnaires? Here brings in an extract LAN Based Exam System for you.

LAN Exam Maker is an open source of LAN Based Exam Systems and can be used across organization types such as Colleges, Universities, Schools, Education Institutions etc. This exam system allows administrators to add, edit or delete questions and arrange exams, quizzes, and score analysis.


Some of the leading features of this LAN based exam system are Role based security among different question setters, arrange exams for examinees and send email with notification, managing questions of 10 different types (Multiple choice, Multiple selection, Fill in the blank, True or False, Essay question, Comprehension, Uncertainty choose, Sorting, Matching, Cloze question), categorizing questions for easy accessibility, assign marks, randomizing the order of question, guarantee delivery of questions during exams, easy mark based evaluation process, display result, detailed reports and graphical analysis on demand etc. 

Awesome and advantageous services:

User- friendly and concise operating page

High Stability and Better Reliability

Powerful Candidates Management

Permissions Validation before taking exams can effectively prevent error and unsafe logging.

A huge Questions Bank supports any types of examination

Comprehensive analysis on exams


LAN Exam Maker is an exam system, that may help when it comes to moving exams on a local area network (LAN), also on the Internet. Hope this can help you for your  finding on LAN based exam system. And now the download is FREE! Don't hesitate.