What are the benefits of LAN Based Exam System?

Our clients use LAN exam system for Assessment

Range from state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, government, training institutions and schools, banks and hospitals, each making good use of the flexibility of the LAN exam system to enhance a huge variety of needs of different kinds of exam .

1.Bond exams with questions in videos, audios, images.

2.Use different kinds of exams, like quizzes and questionnaires to assess.

3.Give feedback and explanations to provide the examinee personalized and focused self-improvement.

4.Utilize system functionality for scoring exam based on keywords.


APACHE + MYSQL + GO Based and Customized

1.Exam system is fully branded by you;

2.Options for personalization: Upload your logo and add-on domain, decorate your exam background with beautiful and suitable pictures, and have a good knowledge of all the exam data;

Can be accessed via LAN and External Networks


Comprehensive Exam Analysis 

1.Graphical analysis of individual score and ranking: Organizers can get independent analysis of each exam and independent exam report of each examinee;

2.Compare individual or group respondents’ results;

3.All data, such as answer sheets and examinee answer lists are available for downloading to propel intensive reports.

Flexible Examination Creation and Management

LAN Exam Maker makes it easy for domain specialists to add, change and manage examinee assessments directly.

1.Huge Questions Bank

Unlimited question sources including audios, videos and images can appear anywhere in the exams. A huge question bank is built to meet the needs of any types of examination. 7 question types are supported: Multiple Choices of single option, Multiple Choices of multiple options, Multiple Choices of adventitious options, True or False, Fill in Blank, Essay Question, and Comprehension Questions. Exam builders can upload thousands of questions in Excel or Word. The LAN exam system will intelligently auto-identify whether the questions contain the repeated parts including words, pictures, audios and videos.

2.Support Mass Examination

The system supports the exam with high concurrency which means that a large number of examinee can take the exam at the same time. Organizer can create exams with random questions and utilize the anti-cheating function.

3.Powerful Examinee Management

All the data of examinee can be uploaded quickly.

LAN Exam Maker supports to import examinee information from Excel files.

Examinee also can register by themselves.


LAN based exam system is useful system distance learning now. Get to download it (it is Free now!) and begin to create exams.