Why choose LAN Exam Maker

LAN Exam Maker is the best LAN based examination, quizzing system, it gives you more benifits, we have listed some of them below.
  1. Build your own big data with the exams taken records
  2. Comprehensive statistical analysis for exams, students, questions
  3. Students can do the exams on all the platforms, such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.
  4. Comprehensive full customize, we have supplied more than 20 settings.
  5. Can display user's own brand on the exam page.
  6. Organize students in groups
  7. Import students from excel files
  8. Score distribution map of students
  9. Generator the QR code of the exam
  10. Students can login to view their taken exam record and re-taken exam
  11. Buy once, lifetime free upgrade
  12. Easy to use

Free Download LAN Exam Maker right now.