Why should LAN based testing, examination system?

There are many online testing, quiz software out there, and also LAN based tools, such as LAN Exam Maker published by SMLME, then, whether I should choose the online one or the LAN based one? Here is some comparison.


LAN based testing

Online testing


very secure

less secure

Need network

No need network

Need network


Only in same network

On internet




Support device

All device

All device


As you can see, for the LAN based testing tools can work without a network connection, if you are want to do some testing, in some places without a internet connection, you should choose LAN based one, like LAN Exam Maker.

And for security, the LAN based testing tools store your data at your local hard driver, and only available on your own computer, so, it is very safe, but the online ones, store the data at cloud, it may be available by others, it’s less security. If you put your students information on the internet, you are facing the privacy problems. So, for this reason, you should LAN based one.


The LAN based testing tools, like LAN Exam Maker offer life time upgrade and using, with one time payment, is much more cheap than the online one, paid by month or year. So, you should give the LAN based tools a try.


LAN Exam Maker is the most used and powerful exam, testing system with amazing data analysis, you can use it to build the testing big data, to helps you know your students, improve their study, and archive your success. You can download or view more details at the office product page: http://www.smlme.com/product/1/lan+exam+maker